We are a community of experienced and successful practitioners – backed with advanced academic credentials – who are skilled at solving organizational performance gaps, unraveling complex problems, and strategically linking learning solutions that achieve your organization’s desired results. We design best-in-class learning infrastructures and create custom curriculum that supports the improvement of human performance.

who is mbs?

Principal Consultant / Owner

For over 25 years, Mary Battle Stump has improved the performance capabilities of individuals and teams across a range of industries – empowering employees to unlock their potential and organizations to achieve their desired business results.

She’s worked as a leading Learning + Development Business Partner and she and her team are passionate about solving complex business problems.

Mary is an active listener, asking open-ended questions that disrupt existing thinking. She has a real skill for identifying boundaries and/or integration points – and seeks to find common ground. She is comfortable with ambiguity and can facilitate dialogue where there are multiple stakeholders with competing priorities.

Mary has a strong, well-rounded set of experiences that enable her to quickly grasp strategic connections while jumping right into solution development. She knows how to navigate the breadth of the L+D field and how to build the right foundation. She is also adept at creating performance support tools that are finely tuned for an audience like Sales. You get multiple roles in one when you hire Mary for a project. She can consult, project manage, design, write, and coach which makes her a very versatile resource.

Brian Heath
L+D Leader

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